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My (23F) mom (54F) says it is going to ruin our relationship if I dont shave.

So just to give you another perspective, I stopped shaving when I was 22 and never looked back. I am also a girl, I live in the Deep South, and have dark black body hair so I am noticeably quite hairy in a place where most girls are beautiful hairless dolphins. Nobody says anything and very few people care, including my mom, who says I should do what makes me happiest. I usually joke that it’s my forcefield against assholes because anybody who wouldn’t like me because I have leg hair is probably not the kind of person I want to know. I’m not sure what you should do about your parents but I can certainly say your feelings are very valid. Your compromise was also a good idea and your mom is being unreasonable.

Dude. Cut your toxic and controlling mother out of your life.

Good comments about post already…your body your choice enough said..its body hair. However, maybe there is some underlying reason your Mom is so adamant about it…not sure why, but it could be some mis-truth about health or image…I think there are studies showing…let it grow…be free and grow your hair…I married into a family where most of the females do not shave…at least cousins and my wife do not…Yes, to me there is no argument here but maybe your mum needs more…people who fear change or the unknown do so usually from a lack of understanding…or some people jus crazy…

Your mom is the one creating the divide. She seems unable to handle the fact that her daughter does some things that she doesn’t agree with. Let her distance herself if she isn’t going to respect you as a person in your own right.