Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish for infinite wishes

Granted, you much now spend the rest of eternity making wish after wish after wish


Unfortunately we cant begin realizing your wishes until we have a clear number of how many there are so as to reduce by 1 per wish.

Please hold while we count the amount of wishes you have left.

Granted. Infinite Wishes is waiting at your door as you read this. She’s a 350 lb stripper and you’re her new daddy.

Granted, the paw now has an infinite amount of fingers, meaning it has an infinite mass. Since you have an infinite mass in a finite space, the paw collapses into a black hole, which is now the dominant gravitational force in the galaxy as it pulls the sun, planets, and nearby stars into it’s event horizon.

Granted. Mathemathics suddenly changes and now infinite means -1. This undoes the wish for infinite wishes, which makes mathematics normal again. Now infinite means, well, infinite, so the cycle reapeats.