Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish for infinite wishes

Granted. Now the only thing you can wish for from now on is infinite wishes.

Granted you may wish the same wish an infinite amount of times and it will be granted. But you don’t know what the wish is or what the desired effect is. With infinite possibilities you spend your whole life guessing. While you are on your death bed thinking about your life, your thoughts fall on you uncle that you stopped being able to visit when he mysteriously disappeared one day. You mutter under your breath, “I wish I had spent more time with my uncle”. A new memory pops into your brain of your uncle very vividly. Instead of him suddenly disappearing he appears at your house driving like a mad man the day after you last remember seeing him. He storms into the house and locks the door, moments later a convoy of police show up and draw their weapons commanding your uncle to come out. He grabs you uses you as a human shield, and tells the police that if they come any closer he will kill you. You ask why he is doing this and he bitch slaps you. The stand off ends when the police breach the house and fire a shitload of new bag rounds at him to take him down, some of the rounds hit you and you remember it hurting like hell. Your uncle is dragged away in a police car never to be seen again. As it turns out your uncle has just robbed a bank and murderred a few people, he had been captured the day before in the original timeline and your parents kept this from you to protect your innocence.

You sit there in bewilderment for a moment and think to yourself, “so that’s the wish!” The medical equipment in your hospital room begins beeping and nurses rush in, everything around you begins fading to black as you slowly lose consciousness. The end

Granted.. Your greed reduces you to poverty and yet you continue to lust after every new thing, your wishes for things are unending.
The paw never promised to grant your infinite wishes, after all.

Granted. The monkeys feel ripped off that one person is getting their hands. They go on strike and now none of the paws work. Now that you’re powerless a horde of monkeys ambush you and take your hands.

Granted, you have infinite wishes and desires. If only you had a way to get them granted.